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October 6, 2023

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Please join us for the premiere of BAD INPUT, a video series exploring algorithmic bias and discriminatory practices in financial service, healthcare, and facial recognition technology.
Date Recorded: May 2, 2023
Transportation is the top contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the US; But what can consumers do to help reduce vehicle emissions?  Are there options beyond buying electric vehicles?   Learn about actions at the state and federal levels to invest in cleaner technologies like biofuels, hydrogen and electricity.
Date Recorded: March 7, 2023
A recent Consumer Reports investigation that measured heavy metals in dark chocolate bars found lead and cadmium in all of them - many at concerning levels.
Date Recorded: February 9, 2023
The United States is making real progress toward cleaner transportation for consumers, including cars and trucks that run on less gasoline – or no gasoline at all.
Date Recorded: November 16, 2022
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