Honest Pricing

Are you sick of fees? So are we. They drive up our cable and utility bills, inflate the cost of airplane and concert tickets, and chip away at the money we put in the bank.

They can be downright sneaky. Often tucked away in the fine print, disclosed only after an agreement has been reached, or quietly levied as penalties for insignificant infractions, charges that may seem like small potatoes can quickly add up to an enormous cost.

What’s more, they systematically undermine our ability to make smart and financially responsible choices. How can we compare prices or figure out if we’re getting a fair deal when we don’t know how much a product or service will ultimately cost?

That’s why we launched our What the Fee?! campaign: to expose hidden and confusing charges across the marketplace, raise the voices of fed-up customers, and spur companies to embrace honest and transparent pricing.

Here are three ways you can help now: