We're Ending
Hidden Fees!

Together, we just passed a new law that will stop cable TV companies from slipping hidden fees into our bills. Now, we are taking on the travel and entertainment industry to end their sneaky fees, too.

An extra charge for a resort fee at a hotel can balloon the cost of an advertised stay. As can fees for services that used to be included in the price of a plane ticket, like choosing your own seat. And then there are concert and sports tickets – which have a slew of fees that get added at the last moment.

It’s time to end these costly fees and demand honest pricing. Sign our petition and let’s make sure the advertised price is the price we pay!

No More Fees!

We are demanding the travel and entertainment industries eliminate hidden fees, and clearly advertise the true price upfront. The advertised price is the price we should pay!

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Thousands of consumers reported hidden fees they encountered by industry.

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Learn How to Avoid Fees
How to Avoid Cable TV's Sneaky Fees

It's not easy, but there are steps you can take to avoid at least some of them

Are you a fee fighter? What worked? What didn’t?
Have you fought back against a hidden, unfair or annoying fee? Whether you were successful or not, your experience can help others as we work together to end hidden fees.
“I contacted Spectrum by telephone and questioned the increase of monthly fee. After comparing the items of the current bill and those of the previous bill, Spectrum reduced my monthly fee.
-Norbert, Florida
“Every time I rent a car... there is a difference between the reserved price and the price charged ...anywhere from $8-15. Then it's a call to the billing dept. I have had the charge reversed perhaps half the time.
-David, Florida
“[extra fees] show up when the [car] buyer finally goes through "Finance" to pay for the car. Do your own survey on this … then see if the dealer will actually sell you the car for that price with only adding tax and license.
-Howard, California