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Be part of our next Community Reports project, and join other consumers throughout the nation as we uncover problems – and develop solutions – for a more fair, safe, and transparent marketplace.

Current Projects

Getting the Right to Repair

So many products these days, from smartphones to TVs, seem to be built to be replaced and not repaired – hurting our wallets and the environment. Join the movement to make our products more sustainable by helping us determine the repairability of your products.

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Fight for Fair Internet

High prices? No choices? Your experience will help transform broadband.

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Credit Checkup

Don’t let errors in your credit report damage your financial future.

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How Safe is Our Drinking Water?

Consumer Reports and The Guardian partnered with Community Reporters across the country to test tap water for dangerous contaminants. Discover what we found, and what we can do together, to clean up our water.

Ending Hidden Fees

Thousands of Community Reporters provided their cable TV bills to help analyze the long list of hidden fees on customers' bills. This evidence spurred Congress to pass a law requiring cable companies tell consumers exactly what they'll pay upfront – with no hidden fees – before signing a contract.

Better Online Privacy

California passed a groundbreaking law that gives residents the right to access, delete, and stop the sale of their personal information online. We worked with consumers in the state to determine if the law is working for them, and we’re fighting in other states to get similar laws passed.