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We work with people across the nation to uncover problems with the marketplace and take collective action to solve them.

Community Reporters like you have partnered with CR to test their local drinking water for contaminants, analyze internet privacy services, better understand the cost of Broadband internet, examine the accuracy of their credit reports, and much more. Together we can work to create a fairer, safer, and more transparent marketplace.

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Past Research Projects

America’s Water Crisis

Consumer Reports and The Guardian partnered with our members to explore the challenges that many in the US face getting access to safe, clean, affordable water, and the injustices to those most at risk.

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Hidden Fees

Thousands of consumers provided their cable TV bills to Consumer Reports so we could examine the long list of hidden fees on customers' bills. This evidence spurred Congress to pass a national law requiring pay-TV companies to tell consumers exactly what they'll pay upfront – with no hidden fees – before they sign a contract

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New Privacy Protections

Under the new California Consumer Privacy Act, Californians have the right to access, delete, and stop the sale of their personal information. As the new law takes effect, we are working with people to make sure the law is working for them, and holding companies accountable to make sure your privacy is protected.

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