Recall it already!
Bottled water with excessive arsenic levels should be pulled from U.S. stores

Since 2013, the FDA has been aware that testing of Peñafiel Mineral Spring Water revealed high levels of arsenic. Yet the product remained on store shelves.

Recently, Consumer Reports bought Peñafiel in the U.S. and independently tested the water. We found arsenic levels nearly double the limit allowed under federal rules.  The company’s own tests confirmed our findings. The company temporarily halted production in response, but says it has no plans to recall the water, which is available at stores and online, including retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

Peñafiel is owned by the beverage giant Keurig Dr Pepper. Send a message to the Keurig Dr Pepper CEO demanding an immediate recall of this water! Regular consumption of food and drinks with elevated levels of arsenic over extended periods increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, can lower IQ scores in children, and can cause certain cancers and other health problems.


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