What the Fee?!

Sick of fees? So are we. They drive up your cable and utility bills, inflate the cost of airplane and concert tickets, and chip away at the money you put in the bank. And these fees are often downright sneaky.

That’s why we’re working with consumers to expose and eliminate unreasonable costs that hit us every day. Our first focus: those out-of-control cable fees.

Here are 3 ways we can take action together right now.

Help Us Beat Back Crazy Cable Fees

Broadcast fees. Regional sports fees. HD technology fees.

Chances are you never expected to pay surcharges like these on top of the advertised price of cable TV. After all, broadcast stations and sports seem like essential pieces of what you bought.

To make matters worse, these surprise fees are rising in size—in some cases by 50 percent per year—and, taken together, can really add up. The upshot: The cost of cable keeps rising, but it’s almost impossible to comparison shop for a good deal.

So we’re urging pay TV providers to provide honest pricing that includes the full cost of service and doesn't hide fees in the small print.

By signing our petition, you’ll strengthen our hand and send a clear message to your cable company: Stop nickel-and-diming your customers!

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Learn How to Avoid Fees
Cable TV's Sneaky Fees

CR looks at the add-ons that can jack up your cable bill

Tell Us Your Outrageous Fee Story
What’s the most egregious hidden fee you’ve encountered? Are there fees you think are unfair? Your responses will help fuel the effort to get companies to remove extraneous and unfair fees.
“I can't opt out of this, so it should be included in the advertised price.”
-Matt, WI
“The outrageous antics of Airline's and Concert ticket fee schedules are legendary, but even our City Water and Kids School lunch systems both charge 'convenience fee…”
-Steven, GA
“Charged a resort fee of $25 per room night that was supposed to cover various resort amenities such as the parking, pool, etc. The latest resort fee now adds a sepa…”
-Andrew, CA