Community Reports Welcome Webinar

October 27, 2023
3pm - 4pm
Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Whether we’re fighting together for better broadband service and pricing, for clean drinking water free of harmful chemicals, for the right to repair our costly electronics and appliances rather than throwing them away, or for data privacy and security for all, we’re excited to have you with us!  

To welcome you to CR, and to get to know what makes you tick, we’d like to invite you to a webinar conversation that highlights what we do.  I hope you can join us for a look behind the curtain at Consumer Reports, to see how our journalism, our testing, and our advocacy all levels up to a fairer marketplace for all.  

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Meet Our Speakers

picture of Alan Smith
Alan Smith
Manager, Community Leadership, Consumer Reports

Virtual (Zoom details shared upon RSVP)
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Alan Smith
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