CR's Digital Lab: Fighting for Your Digital Rights in 2021

February 03, 2021
The digital economy is based on the collection of user data, often without understanding or consent. Everyday consumer objects are now powered by software. And a handful of large online platforms dominate markets that increasingly shape people’s lives.
CR's Digital Lab was launched in 2019 to increase transparency around the digital marketplace, to secure stronger consumer protections, and to promote consumer choice and control.

Meet Our Speakers

picture of Elliot Weiler
Elliot Weiler
Associate Director, Lead Producer & Affiliate Manager for Video
Elliot Weiler leads a video team that creates unique content for more than 125 television stations in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, as well as digital platforms that reach millions of consumers. On behalf of CR, Elliot also makes regular appearances on network morning newscasts.
picture of Ben Moskowitz
Ben Moskowitz
Digital Lab Director
Benjamin Moskowitz is the Director of Consumer Reports' Digital Lab, a major initiative to expand CR’s work on privacy, digital security, and emerging concerns in digital consumer protection.

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