Automakers: Let’s End Child Hot-Car Deaths

Include occupant-sensing technology in all new vehicles


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If you believe you would never forget a child in a hot car, think again. Experts in neuroscience say this is a common memory problem - not negligence - exacerbated by the sleep deprivation and stress of parenting. And even when temperatures outside seem moderate, temperatures inside cars rise rapidly, putting a child in danger of heatstroke. 

Safeguards exist to prevent these incidents, such as end-of-trip reminders telling the driver to check for rear seat passengers, and, most importantly, advanced sensors that can detect movements or breathing of a child in a vehicle and alert the driver. But we need the auto industry to include these safety features in all new vehicles – not just as a luxury add-on! Sign our petition to automakers to include this technology in all new vehicles.


On average, 38 children die from vehicular heatstroke each year.  But these tragic deaths are preventable. Available technologies such as end-of-trip reminders and rear occupant sensing can alert drivers to the presence of children in the backseat, and help save lives. As automakers work toward making end-of-trip reminders standard, we call on you to also include more advanced detection technology in all new vehicles. This technology would prevent needless heatstroke deaths, including when children access the car themselves.