Volunteer Led Security Planner Deep Dive

November 17, 2020

Consumer Reports just launched its FREE Security Planner tool, which makes it easy for you to protect yourself in the digital space and keep your data secure.

This workshop, led by a fantastic and knowledgeable Consumer Reports member, will feature hands on assistance for beginners in digital privacy.  We'll walk through how to use Security Planner to build yourself a custom, tailored set of recommendations to protect your data and privacy online, and demonstrate how the tool works with real-world examples. 

When you use Security Planner, you just have to answer a few simple questions and we'll help you:

  • Safely backup files
  • Browse online without being tracked
  • Avoid phishing scams
  • Prevent identity theft
  • And much much more.

This workshop will include a broad overview of the tool and introductory practices. Please note that this workshop will only accommodate 50 people to allow for hands on support and active dialogue. Registration does not guarantee you a spot. The event will be first-come-first-serve, so please login on time to join. 

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