Save Net Neutrality
The FCC just announced a plan to fully repeal net neutrality. Call Congress now to fight back.


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai just announced a plan to repeal critical net neutrality protections next month.

Net neutrality means that consumers can choose what they want to watch, read, or play online without restrictions or slowdowns from internet service providers (ISPs). It guarantees that no one has to pay an ISP to launch a website that everyone can see. And it ensures start-ups and bloggers the same access to the web as billion-dollar companies and news organizations.

But the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to roll back the federal rules that guarantee net neutrality. If they succeed, your service provider could block or slow down some websites and give special treatment to others. That would limit your choices, hurt competition, and cost you more money.

Call Congress now to ask your representatives to pump the brakes on the FCC’s plan to end net neutrality.


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Tell Congress to stop the FCC from repealing net neutrality.