North Carolina: Are you fed up with Charter, CenturyLink and AT&T?!
Tell your state representatives to vote YES on the FIBER NC Act

A connection to high-speed internet is essential in today’s world and the communities that don’t have access to affordable and quality internet can be left behind. Right now, the North Carolina legislature is considering the FIBER NC Act, an important bill that would empower local governments to work with local internet service providers to bring high-speed internet to more areas of the state, including rural communities that are often overlooked. This could allow communities all over North Carolina to have access to reliable high-speed internet, but of course, big corporate telecom companies don’t want to let that happen. 

Not only are the big internet service providers like Charter, CenturyLink and AT&T laser-focused on providing internet to densely populated areas where they can make the most profit, they also want to block smaller companies from creating high-speed internet access in rural areas. Simply put, they have a control over your internet access and want to keep it that way.  

If you believe that North Carolina should have more choice for high-speed internet and that rural communities deserve quality and affordable internet, please send a note to your representative to vote YES on the FIBER NC Act now → 

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