Galentines: Tell Hershey to get the lead out!

We don't love lead in our dark chocolate


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We don’t want to bring you down on a day focused on love. But we do want chocolate lovers to indulge their sweet tooth without worrying about exposure to lead, which is linked to a range of health issues in adults, including immune system suppression, reproductive issues, and kidney damage. 

Sign our petition to Hershey to get the lead out of its dark chocolate. CR tests found concerning levels of lead in three dark chocolate bars – Hershey’s Special Dark, Lily’s Extremely Dark and Extra Dark chocolate. Join us in telling the largest manufacturer of chocolate in the US to commit to a timeline for reducing heavy metals in its products.

PETITION to CEO Michele Buck

Our families expect the food we eat to be free from health risks, but a recent Consumer Reports investigation has found the plastic chemicals phthalates in several of your products. In fact, out of the 85 different food products tested, Annie’s Organic Cheesy Ravioli had by far the highest level of these chemicals. And other General Mills brands Yoplait, Cheerios, Green Giant, and Progresso also contained this plasticizer.

Phthalates can interfere with the production and regulation of estrogen and other hormones, contributing to an increased risk of birth defects, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and certain cancers. Given that steady exposure to even very small amounts of these chemicals over time could increase health risks, we urge Annie’s and General Mills to immediately take the necessary steps to monitor and eliminate the presence of these chemicals across all of your brands.