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No one should be denied a mortgage because of a biased algorithm


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The revelation that Navy Federal Credit Union denied Black applicants more than twice as often as White applicants for the same type of loan – despite applicants having the same financial profile – underscores the urgent need to hold lenders accountable when they use discriminatory computer algorithms.

Lenders are increasingly using algorithms that can contain hidden bias to help make some of their decisions on who gets a loan and who doesn’t. Join us in calling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to hold lenders like Navy Federal accountable, and do more to make sure all consumers are treated fairly when they seek a loan.

To: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

We urge you to investigate Navy Federal Credit Union for discrimination against Black and Latino applicants seeking mortgages, and set clear guidance for lenders on the fair and responsible use of computer algorithms in making lending decisions. Your mortgage data showed Black applicants were more than twice as likely to be denied a home loan by Navy Federal than White applicants with the same financial profile. Navy Federal also approved Latino borrowers at significantly lower rates than White borrowers. The racial approval rate gap for mortgages has increased alongside the growing use of algorithms by lenders to make lending decisions, and it’s time you do more to make sure all consumers are treated fairly when they seek a loan.