Cable, Networks: Stop holding us hostage!

Refund consumers when you black out TV channels


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Over Labor Day weekend, 15 million Americans got a blank screen when they tried to watch ESPN, ABC News, or other channels owned by Disney over Spectrum cable. The blackout is the latest dispute between entertainment providers and cable companies over what to pay and charge for content – yet consumers are the ones left footing the bill, paying for channels that they don’t get.

Enough is enough! Join us in demanding Spectrum cable refund consumers for service they didn’t get – and call on the Federal Communications Commission to hold these companies accountable for these kinds of disruptions.


Consumers are tired of being held hostage by the cable and satellite industries and the entertainment complex when it comes to the blackout of television programming. We are demanding that Charter Communications automatically refund all Spectrum cable customers for channels lost during the ongoing Disney dispute, as well as refund the broadcast TV fee for the loss of Disney’s ABC Network. We also are calling on the FCC to step up and hold these corporations accountable for disrupting service that consumers have paid for.