More Efficient Cars = Better Climate Future

Don’t let Big Oil defeat cleaner, more efficient cars


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A groundbreaking plan is on the table that would go further than ever before to help consumers save big on transportation costs while reducing climate-damaging vehicle emissions. But unless Washington D.C. hears that we want cleaner, more efficient vehicles, this plan could get watered down by Big Oil and some in the auto industry, who want to preserve the dirty, expensive status quo.

Tell the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Environmental Protection Agency that you back the plan for better gas mileage, and more electric and hybrid vehicles that will help save our wallets, our climate and our health. Sign the petition now!


We’re urging NHTSA and the EPA to adopt the strongest possible rules to reduce climate- and health-damaging vehicle emissions and greatly reduce fuel consumption, while helping consumers save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a new vehicle. The rules will rapidly accelerate the number of cleaner vehicles like EVs and hybrids in production over the next decade; dramatically increase gas mileage; save lives due to a  decrease in tailpipe pollution; and put us on the route towards a zero emissions future. These rules are a win-win for the climate, consumers’ wallets, and our health!