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The Environmental Protection Agency proposed its first-ever limits on PFAS, known as ‘forever chemicals,’ in drinking water, and is expected to announce a final rule by the end of 2023.  These new standards would require public water systems be held to strict, enforceable limits on PFAS chemicals – which have been linked to a host of health problems, including increased cancer risk and lowered immune responses.

Setting new limits on PFAS in our drinking water would be groundbreaking for public health.  Sign our petition supporting tough PFAS limits, and let’s finish the fight for safe drinking water this year!


Americans expect their drinking water to be as safe as possible, and the EPA’s proposed limits on PFAS chemicals is a groundbreaking step forward in getting dangerous contaminants out of our public water supply. 

We urge the agency to stand strong and not weaken its proposal to limit PFOA and PFOS chemicals to 4 parts per trillion each in drinking water. This limit will go a long way toward improving public health, and increasing pressure on manufacturers to stop using these ‘forever chemicals’ that contaminate the nation’s drinking water.