End secrecy about unsafe products

Stop protecting manufacturers at our families’ expense!


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Dozens of babies died during the course of a decade before consumers were alerted about the dangers associated with inclined infant sleepers. Why didn't we know sooner? An outdated law actually blocks the Consumer Product Safety Commission – which oversees the safety of more than 15,000 consumer product categories – from telling consumers about unsafe products unless the agency gets the manufacturer’s permission first.


This law is outrageous, and puts all our families at risk! CR wants Congress to repeal this law entirely, but in the meantime, the CPSC can take some steps on its own to improve transparency. With several new leaders in charge of the agency, now is the perfect time to call on the agency to make more safety information available to the public.


Families are at risk right now because of Section 6(b) of the Consumer Product Safety Act, a provision in federal law that blocks the Consumer Product Safety Commission from alerting the public about hazardous products in a timely manner. I know that it’s Congress—not the agency—that can change this law, but in the meantime I want the CPSC to tell the public as much as it can about products that might hurt people. I urge you to immediately take a close look at the agency’s policies and practices and take real action to be more transparent with the public. It’s critical for me to quickly know about hazardous products so I can protect myself and my family.