No Brainer: Use female crash-test dummies!

Let’s end auto-safety bias


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Women are more likely to die and be seriously injured in a car crash than men. Yet regulators continue to use crash test dummies based on male bodies for almost all of its crash testing – despite the fact women represent about half of all U.S. drivers.

It’s beyond time to ensure women’s safety by requiring female crash test dummies. Join us in demanding the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration take action, and end the crash-test bias and outdated gender stereotypes about who is driving. 

Petition to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

We urge NHTSA to better protect women’s safety by requiring new, more representative female crash-test dummies that account for real-world injuries and fatalities. Women’s safety is inherently at risk because of the disproportionate use of male crash-test dummies, and it is time to end this bias. NHTSA must use scientific evidence and available data, as well as any additional necessary research, to ensure that crash-test dummies better represent women – and ultimately, better protect women’s safety on the road.