WTFee?! Hidden Fees Mission

Complete within one month

Sick of fees? So are we. They drive up cable bills, inflate the cost of concert tickets, and blow up your travel budget. And these fees are often downright sneaky. That's why we want to work with you to expose and eliminate unreasonable fees.

You can complete a WTFee?! Mission if you plan on doing one or more of the activities below within the next month:

  • Change your cable or TV service
  • Make a hotel reservation online
  • Buy an event ticket (ie, a concert or sporting event) online

Watch this 2-minute video to learn more about hidden fees, and learn how you can help uncover them.

Or if you just want to get started-follow these steps:

Step 1: Take a screenshot of the initial price you find

Once you've decided what you want to buy, but before you start the purchasing process, take a screenshot of the initial cost. Not sure how to take a screenshot? Download our helpful screenshot guide from the mission toolkit.

Step 2: Take a screenshot of the actual amount

Take a second screenshot, this one after you've completed the purchase. We want to capture the amount that you end up paying once you’ve reached the purchase or reservation phase. Be sure to include any fees listed on the bill in your screenshot!

Step 3: Report back

Make notes of the following:

  • The product/service you are purchasing
  • The company you are purchasing from or through
  • The date and time you took the photos
  • The amount of fees that were added to your total when you got to the payment screen.

Using your notes plus your screenshots from Step 1 and 2, fill out the First Reporting form:

Step 4: Report back on your final bill

For hotel or cable purchases, you’ll need to wait until you see the final bill to complete this step — either at check-out or at the end of a billing cycle. Once you have your final bill use the second reporting form in the mission toolkit.

Step 5: Be a part of the discussion!

Our fee experts (and other volunteers) will discuss and share insights about what you and others are finding in the marketplace. We'll be reaching out to you via email with how that conversation will unfold.

You can also bookmark this page so you can come back to check the directions or access the toolkit and submission form. Stay tuned for emails from us with updates, reminders and more! You can complete as many food label missions as you'd like over the next two weeks.

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