Prevent Dangerous Furniture Tip-Overs
Tell New York legislators to pass Harper’s Law.


In November 2016, three-year-old Harper Fried was playing in her bedroom when the unthinkable happened - she was killed by a dresser tip-over.   These devastating accidents are far from uncommon. From 2000-2016, at least 195 people died in incidents related to dressers and similar furniture tipping over — and the vast majority of victims were children under the age of 6. In 2016 alone, an estimated 2,800 kids under age 6 were injured by tip-overs involving these products.

Despite this clear danger, industry groups and the federal government haven’t yet taken meaningful action to update safety standards to make sure all dressers are more stable in order to help reduce deaths and injuries.

Send a message to your state lawmaker and ask them to pass Harper’s Law this week before the legislative session ends. Together we can stop these unnecessary tragedies.






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