Five Guys Petition Delivery

March 05, 2019

Help us deliver more than 50,000 petitions to Five Guys, one of the hamburger chains that scored an ‘F’  with Consumer Reports for not having any policies limiting antibiotics use in the beef they source.

You’ll be joined by others in your community who want to end the overuse of antibiotics in meat production.  You'll hear from our event host, Meredith Haines, do a quick meet and greet, and take some pictures.  And finally, you'll all walk together into the HQ to deliver over 50,000 petition signatures calling on Five Guys to reduce and eventually stop the use of antibiotics in its meat supply chain.   

Just fill out your contact information below, and we’ll connect you with more details on the petition delivery next week. It will be a fun and exciting event – and a great way to change the marketplace for the better! 

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