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We’re standing up for Maryland drivers.

Right now, auto insurers in Maryland are free to set their insurance rates however they want. And that means that millions of Maryland residents could be paying rates that are too high. Some insurers are setting rates not based on driving records, but instead based on personal and socioeconomic factors like gender, occupation, or whether or not a driver went to college. These shouldn’t be the determining factors in how much you pay for auto insurance.

This practice has a huge potential to discriminate against drivers based on their personal characteristics and socioeconomic factors. And the result is that millions of Maryland drivers may be paying much higher rates for auto insurance, regardless of their driving records, simply because of their gender or occupation, because they only have a high school or community college degree, or even because of the neighborhood they live in.

There is clear action that Maryland lawmakers can take to protect Maryland drivers. HB 656/SB 945 would ban the use of education and occupation in setting auto insurance prices, and HB 657/SB 1059 would ban the use of gender and marital status in setting auto insurance prices. By voting YES to pass these vital pieces of education, Maryland lawmakers can take a step towards ending auto insurance discrimination.

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