Airlines charging families to sit together?
That just doesn’t fly.

Have you ever been required to pay more just to sit with your child on a flight?  Or had to plead with other passengers to change seats so you can sit with your family? It’s not safe for a parent to sit rows away from their child - and it’s not fair to charge them extra to guarantee seats together.

But that hasn’t stopped airlines. Now that they’re charging passengers extra fees to choose their seats or board early, families are stuck paying more just to sit together. But with your help, we can change this. 

Has this happened to you? Are you mad about it? Then the Department of Transportation needs to hear from you. Tell them there shouldn’t be a penalty for wanting to sit with your family.

Act now

Your complaint will be shared with both Consumer Reports and the Department of Transportation. The Department may send your complaint to the relevant airline, and the airline may send you a response. Learn more about how DOT handles complaints.