Facebook Live: Celebrate California Victories

October 28, 2020

Join Consumer Reports for a Facebook Live on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 1pm PT/4pm ET to learn about recent victories in California the Governor just signed into law to protect your pocketbooks. Click here to tune in. 

1. Student loan borrowers bill of rights: requires loan servicers to minimize extra fees and charges, improves record keeping, and bans “abusive” student loan practices that take advantage of confused borrowers.

2. California financial watchdog: transforms the state’s existing financial regulator into a watchdog with broader authority to supervise debt collected, credit reporting agencies, and more.

Consumer Reports’ activists were critical in pushing for both these bills to get passed, and now we want to tell you more about how they’ll benefit you. Tune in and learn how you can demand stronger financial protections no matter which state you live in!