DC 9.26.13

September 26, 2013
Development Department Activity Briefing What: Cocktail Party with Jim Guest. When: September 26, 2013 Where: Washington, DC Who: Jim Guest, Olivier Szlos, Judy Frank (others TBD) Goals: 1) Increase awareness of CR's work. 2) Identify and cultivate 3 - 5 individuals who have capacity to give a major gift and/or connections to make contributions to support the initiative with their time, talent and/or treasure. Invitees: President's Circle donors ($1K+), the CR Board of Directors, Format: 7:00 PM Cocktails and passing food. Networking time. 8:00-8:30 PM Jim will do short speech with Q and A. 9:00 PM Wrap up Olivier Need from other departments: Invite your contacts who have a connection to or interest in Health.

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