Target: Protect Kids. Stop Selling Water Beads.

No one should lose a child over a toy


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While some major companies are heeding Consumer Reports’ call to remove unsafe water beads from their shelves and online platforms this holiday season, retail giant Target has not yet committed to end the sale of this dangerous toy.

Join us in calling on Target to do the right thing by parents and children, and immediately pull water beads from store shelves and its online platform. By applying consumer pressure, together we can make sure no more children suffer from the horrific injuries these expanding gel balls can cause!


This holiday shopping season, we urge Target to protect its customers by immediately ending the sale of dangerous water bead toys marketed for children.  Recent investigations have found that water beads can be deadly, and are sending thousands of kids to the emergency room.  Despite mounting evidence of the widespread dangers of these products, and a recent recall of one product, Target is still selling water beads to unsuspecting parents as safe – putting countless children at risk.  No toy is worth the risk of injury or death. Please protect kids and families this holiday season and pull dangerous water beads from sale on your store shelves, website, and app.