No more toxins or plastics in baby wipes!

Join CR and Made Safe in calling for safe, biodegradable wipes


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Parents change hundreds of diapers in a baby’s first few years, which also means using a lot of wipes. Since these wipes come in constant contact with babies’ delicate skin, and are disposable, we tested and analyzed their ingredients to find out what is in them and what they are made of. 

Our findings were concerning: several popular brands contained potentially harmful chemicals, including some tied to potential cancer risks.  And while it might seem that wipes are made of cotton, many of them are actually made of plastics that don’t break down in the environment. Brands including Pampers, Seventh Generation, Huggies and Amazon all contained potentially risky ingredients AND are made of nonbiodegradable plastic (or suspected to be, since products that don’t disclose what they are made of have a high likelihood of being made with plastic). We think these brands can do better, since our tests identified other brands that contained neither. Join us in calling on these companies to publicly commit to making safer and more sustainable products for babies and the planet!    


It is critically important that your baby wipe products are as safe as possible, and do not contain any ingredients that could cause harmful health effects. Also, your wipes should be plastic-free and biodegradable, so as not to contribute to the growing problem of microplastics pollution. Safety experts agree that the chemicals and composition of the baby wipes sold by your company are concerning for both human and ecosystem health. Please publicly commit to getting these harmful elements out of your products, and ensure that your wipes are safe and sustainable for both babies and our planet.