Hershey: Get the Lead Out of Chocolate!

Tests find heavy metals in cocoa powder, milk chocolate


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A new round of testing by Consumer Reports revealed that Hershey’s cocoa powder, popular for hot chocolate and holiday baking, had concerning levels of lead in our tests. And Hershey’s milk chocolate bars, an iconic Halloween treat, had the highest lead levels of the milk chocolate we tested.

This isn’t the first time that Hershey products tested by CR have shown problematic levels of heavy metals – our tests from last year found comparably high levels of lead in its dark chocolate bars. Hershey has publicly stated that it would like to get heavy metals out of its products, but has yet to commit to a plan or timeline.

Join us in telling the largest manufacturer of chocolate in the US to commit to a timeline for reducing heavy metals in its products! Sign the petition to Hershey now.


As the largest chocolate maker in the U.S., we urge you to publicly commit to a time-bound plan for reducing heavy metals like lead and cadmium in all of your products.New Consumer Reports’ tests of Hershey’s products show further evidence of concerning levels of heavy metals in your cocoa powder, and your milk chocolate bars had the highest lead levels of the milk chocolate we tested. This is in the wake of 2022 CR tests that showed concerning levels of lead in some of your dark chocolate bars, including Special Dark and Lily’s. 

There are no safe levels of consumption for heavy metals: In children they can damage the brain and nervous system in developing bodies, and in adults can cause problems like immune system suppression, reproductive issues, and kidney damage. Hershey has publicly indicated interest in reducing lead and cadmium in its products, and it is time for you to commit to a plan to do so.