Ban water beads from the market!

Sensory ‘toys’ can be deadly; sending thousands to ER


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A new CR investigation has found that water bead toys that are marketed as safe can be deadly for children, sending thousands to the ER each year. The tiny gel balls that look like cupcake sprinkles or candy can grow to the size of a marble or golf ball in water – finding their way into the stomachs and intestines of infants and toddlers, where they can expand and cause horrific injuries or death.

Despite mounting evidence of the widespread dangers of these products, and a recent recall of one product, water beads are still being sold to unsuspecting parents as safe – putting countless children at risk! Sign our petition to the Consumer Product Safety Commission to stop the sale of water beads to kids, and secure recalls for those already on the market.


We are calling on the CPSC to take strong and urgent action to protect children from life-threatening injuries from water bead sensory ‘toys,’ that can expand if ingested and lead to death or horrific internal injuries. An investigation from Consumer Reports has found that these expanding gel beads can be deadly, leading to 4,500 emergency room visits between 2017 and 2021. We urge you to:

  • Move as quickly as possible to finalize a ban or strong limits on water beads to protect people from known hazards, and ensure water beads cannot be sold as children’s products.
  • Secure recalls of water beads that may be in people’s homes, regardless of whether or not they are still for sale.