Local Organizer Webinars

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Consumer Reports Local Organizer!

Here's your first step: sign up for an on-boarding webinar. 

The webinar will explain the new volunteer role we've got at CR. And you will learn about:

  • workshops you can host
  • resources we've got for you
  • different workshop content available

As a volunteer, you and members across the country will share smart tips and tricks for navigating complex life choices. Most importantly, you will build community with each other. Consumer Reports will provide guides, trainings, and workbooks along the way. You don't have to already be an expert on workshop topics to be a great host! 

Right now, we're talking about our new Digital Privacy workshops, which train attendees on how to set Passwords, how to think about encryption, and how to avoid Phishing scams. Interested in something else? You can also host a
 workshop on to how eat a more sustainable diet and on how to protect yourself from medical harm.

Please RSVP for the on-boarding webinar session to get started!  

No webinars yet.