Use your power to save at the pump!

Strong clean car standards would save you money and time at the pump. But when we tried to bring this information to consumers through ads at gas stations, media agencies said no. This is just one example of why we all need to fight for a fair marketplace, one that works for you instead of media, auto and oil companies.

It’s going to take immense pressure to get the administration to move quickly and stand up for consumers, rather than yielding to the interests of automakers and Big Oil. Sign our petition now calling for strong, nationwide standards that will lead to more new cars and trucks that help clean up our air while saving money and time at the pump––or that eliminate trips to the gas station all together with an electric vehicle.


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Petition to Biden Administration

We urge the administration to set strong, nationwide standards that will save consumers $1.6 trillion in fuel and maintenance costs, and eliminate 10 gigatons of global warming pollution. These rules should restore previous greenhouse gas standards through 2025, and cut new vehicle emissions 60% by 2030. We want the auto industry to give us car and truck choices that will lower our fuel expenses and cut pollution.

Watch the ad rejected at gas pumps here

Consumer Reports tried to show this ad at gas pumps in 6 major U.S. metro areas. But the ads were rejected.

This rejection denied people the chance to learn how strong clean car standards can save consumers a lot of time and money at the pump, while dramatically improving air quality in our communities. CR will keep fighting for strong standards and holding the administration and industry actors accountable, with support and involvement from consumers like you.