Austin, TX - Medical Harm Event

October 22, 2018

Thank you for signing up for my Preventing Medical Harm workshop!

Come learn tricks and tips about how to talk to your doctor, track medications, and be an advocate for friends and loved ones.  We will connect with people in your community and learn more about opportunities to get involved with CR in the future.

You are strongly encouraged to arrive before 6pm. The WeWork building doors will lock at 6pm but Daniela, a CR staffer, will be on standby to let you in if you arrive after 6pm. Please text Daniela at 512-998-6999 if you get lost. 

The easiest and best option is to park in the Whole Foods parking lot across the street from WeWork.   If you can't find parking there, you can park in the green parking garage on the 4th level (only the 4th level). (The parking garage entrance is on Domain Dr to the right of Whole Foods) in between Domain Blvd and Alterra Parkway. 

Enter the WeWork building on the ground level. To find the WeWork entrance, walk to Domain Blvd next to the Capital One bank and turn left on the first corner on the brick paved pathway. The WeWork doors to the lobby is to your left. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor.  Our meeting room is on the 3rd floor of WeWork, in conference room 3I. Just look for the room with the conference style table with bright orange red carpet (to the right of the large coffee bar counter).

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