Water and Justice Featuring Susana De Anda

August 04, 2021

Join Consumer Reports for an event that will examine the intersection of America’s water crisis and racial justice. Featuring a well-known advocate for water quality and equity, we will discuss the urgent need for safe and affordable drinking water in our country, particularly for communities of color and low-income residents. 

Meet Our Speakers

picture of Susana De Anda
Susana De Anda
Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Community Water Center
Susana De Anda leads the Community Water Center which advocates for the right to water for all communities in California. In her role at CWC, Susana educates others about the estimated 1 million Californians exposed to unsafe drinking water and the staggering water-debt communities face, which is disproportionately high for Latino and low-income residents.

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