Water and Justice Featuring Mari Copeny

August 11, 2021

Join Consumer Reports for an event that will examine the intersection of America’s water crisis and racial justice. Featuring a well-known advocate for water quality and equity, we will discuss the urgent need for safe and affordable drinking water in our country, particularly for communities of color and low-income residents. 

Meet Our Speakers

picture of Mari Copeny, ‘Little Miss Flint’
Mari Copeny, ‘Little Miss Flint’
Activist, Philanthropist, and “Future President”
Known as ‘Little Miss Flint,’ Mari Copeny gained national prominence for writing a letter about her city’s water crisis at the age of 8 to President Obama, who visited Flint and ultimately approved $100 million in relief aid. Now 14, Mari has continued to raise awareness on environmental racism and America’s deteriorating water infrastructure.

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