Let’s make flying more transparent
Tell Congress to pass a strong bill that will bring more transparency and accountability to airline bookings.

Congress has a chance to fix this problem by instituting simple rules that will make life easier for customers and preserving the consumer protections that are already in place. Right now a handful of key lawmakers are meeting to make a decision on a bill that could protect consumers and help relieve some of the stress of air travel. We’re asking you to call them and make your voice heard.

Any new bill should preserve existing consumer protections and:

  • Require airlines and other ticket sellers to disclose baggage fees, cancellation fees, change fees, ticketing fees, and seat selection fees at the outset, rather than hiding them till you are about to buy your ticket -- or even after you buy.
  • Prohibit excessive flight change and cancellation fees by requiring them to be tied to the cost of providing the service.
  • Require airlines and ticket sellers to make absolutely clear that you do not have to pay an extra “seat selection fee” in order to get a seat on the plane.
  • Create a consumer advocate position at the Department of Transportation to assist with customer complaints about airlines.

Call the key lawmakers working on this issue in Congress now and ask them to pass a strong bill protecting consumers from excessive and hidden fees.

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