Tell Airline CEOs: Give us our money back!

Billions owed in Covid-flight refunds


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As your airline returns to booming business, it is time for you to give cash refunds to customers whose flights were canceled during the Covid-19 pandemic. U.S. airlines received some $50 billion in Covid-related taxpayer bailouts, so there is no reason for you to hold onto the billions owed consumers in refunds. As a customer who has choices of airlines, I expect you to immediately refund money to those travelers who want it, and remove expiration dates on any travel vouchers issued for Covid-canceled flights.

Air travelers are still owed billions in refunds from U.S. airlines for flights canceled during the pandemic. Yet the airline industry is stonewalling on giving consumers their money back — even though the airlines received $50 billion in Covid-related taxpayer bailouts.

Let’s make sure the major airlines hear loud and clear from consumers that this is not acceptable. Send a direct message to the CEO's of the four major airlines now — American, United, Delta and Southwest — to refund passengers’ money, or at a minimum, ensure Covid travel vouchers do not expire.