Automakers: Stop charging extra for safety!

Automatic crash notification should be free in all new vehicles


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Most new cars feature a built-in technology that can automatically call for help in an emergency and give the precise location of the vehicle, even if drivers are unable to do so themselves. But a recent CR analysis found that most automakers still require a subscription fee upwards of $100 a year to keep this safety technology active – and will disable it if that fee isn’t paid.

Sign our petition calling on automakers to include automatic crash notification in all new vehicles and keep it active for free. Safety shouldn’t be optional!

Petition to GM, Stellantis, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Tesla:

Safety shouldn’t be considered optional in your vehicles. Yet your company continues to charge a subscription fee for automatic crash notification (ACN), and will disable it if the fee isn’t paid. ACN is a critical technology that could save more than 700 lives per year – and it should be standard and free on all new vehicles that you produce. We urge you to follow the lead of other automakers that do not charge extra for this technology, and immediately keep automatic crash notification active for free in your vehicles.