End Red Dye 3 in Peeps!

Urge company to remove this known carcinogen


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Before you stuff those sugar-coated Peeps marshmallows into kids’ Easter baskets, know that purple and pink Peeps contain Red Dye 3, a known carcinogen that has been banned in cosmetics in the U.S. Join Consumer Reports in calling on the maker of Peeps to commit to removing Red Dye 3 in its products, since other, less-risky colorants are available.

Sign the petition to Just Born, the company behind Peeps, to commit to stop using Red Dye 3. Families deserve better!

To: Just Born CEOs David Shaffer and Gardner Jett Jr.

I expect your candy to be safe and free of substances that can cause me or my family harm. So I was shocked to learn that you use the additive Red Dye No. 3 in your popular Peeps candy – a known carcinogen that has been banned by the FDA for use in cosmetics since 1990. 

With other alternative, less-risky colorants on the market, I expect you to immediately commit to removing Red Dye No. 3 from Peeps and all the other candies you manufacture. Enjoying Just Born’s candy shouldn’t mean unwittingly exposing myself or my family to known carcinogens!