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Fees on your cable TV and internet service, hotel rooms, concert tickets and bank accounts aren’t just annoying. They cost you real money. Our research in 2019 found that an average family of four pays about $3,200 a year in fees. And with the growth in online transactions, where fees seem to slip in right before you checkout, that amount has likely increased.

The Federal Trade Commission has opened an investigation into these fees, and wants to hear from consumers about what kinds of fees they are encountering. Sign our petition, then tell us about the fees you hate most – so we can better target the worst fee offenders.


We are urging the Federal Trade Commission to take strong and swift steps to rein in junk fees, hidden fees, and optional fees that can cost the average family of four about $3,200 a year. The FTC should ban and eliminate junk fees for services of nonexistent value to customers; end hidden fees or “drip pricing” where service charges and fees are imposed at the very end of the purchase process; and require companies to clearly disclose optional fees so consumers can understand and review them before deciding to purchase that product or service.