Everyone deserves the Right to Repair!

Electronics should be easy to fix; not thrown away


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Consumer products used to be built to last. But these days so many electronics – from smartphones to TVs to computers – seem to be built to be replaced. And many manufacturers purposefully restrict your access to the tools and information needed to make repairs, forcing you to rely on their costly hand-picked servicers for a fix, or worse, throw them in the trash and buy a replacement.

Together we can change that! At least five states now have laws giving consumers the right to repair their own electronics, or have them fixed by a servicer of their choosing. We want to make sure everyone in the country has this same right! Join our national movement to make sure everyone has the Right to Repair!


We urge our local and federal lawmakers to immediately pass a Right to Repair law that will save us real money when it comes to fixing our electronic devices, as well as save our environment by keeping electronic waste out of landfills. Consumers spend nearly $1,500 on new electronics per household, per year – and we could save a combined $40 billion and countless tons of electronic waste if we are able to easily repair, instead of replace, the expensive electronics we own.