The Dark Side of Dark Chocolate

Tell candy makers: Reduce risky heavy metals!


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Consumer Reports testing has discovered a dark side to dark chocolate: worrisome levels of lead or cadmium — heavy metals linked to a host of health problems in children and adults. 

And five of the 28 chocolate bars we tested had high levels of both heavy metals: Trader Joe’s, Lily (owned by Hershey’s), Green and Black’s (owned by Mondelez) and two bars by Theo. Join us in calling on these companies to reduce lead and cadmium in their chocolate – our tests found lower levels of these heavy metals in other brands, so we know it can be done! 


To the CEOs of Trader Joe’s, Hershey’s, Mondelez & Theo:

Consumer Reports’ testing has found concerning levels of both lead and cadmium in some of your dark chocolate bars – putting our families’ health at risk. Consistent exposure to these heavy metals can lead to a variety of health issues including impacts to brain development, kidney damage, reproductive issues and nervous system problems. We call on your company to commit to reducing levels of lead and cadmium in your dark chocolate, and to publicly communicate progress so we know your company is taking action. We want to enjoy your dark chocolate without dangerous heavy metals!