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Consumer Reports’ analysis of 22,000 internet bills found what many customers suspected: It can be nearly impossible to know exactly what you’re getting – and what it costs – for broadband service. Sign our petition to the FCC demanding internet providers put a clear broadband pricing label on your monthly bill that spells out exactly what you get, and what it costs. Together, let’s end confusing broadband pricing that allows companies to charge higher prices for the same service!


As broadband consumers, we are urging the FCC to require a clear broadband pricing label on all monthly customer bills so we know exactly what we are getting and paying for. Modeled after food nutrition labels, a broadband ‘nutrition’ label that spells out prices for broadband speeds, data charges, equipment rentals, etc., will not only help us shop for a better deal, but help hold internet providers accountable for charging higher prices for the same service plans.