Reform Outdated Chicken-Safety Rules

Let’s reduce food poisoning caused by salmonella!


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With more than 250,000 people sickened every year by poultry contaminated with salmonella,  the U.S. Department of Agriculture must take decisive action to reform outdated salmonella limits in ground chicken. Specifically, the USDA should aggressively reduce the amount of allowable salmonella in the chicken we buy, and target the three strains of bacteria that are among the most harmful to our health: infantis, typhimurium, and enteritidis.

Consumer Reports discovered the dangerous bacteria salmonella in nearly a third of the ground chicken we tested. With more than a quarter-million people sickened each year by poultry contaminated with salmonella, it’s time the USDA expedite reform of these outdated, risky food safety standards. 

Join us in calling on the USDA to make chicken as safe as possible to eat. Your family’s health depends on it!