FDA: Baby steps aren’t good enough to protect our kids!

Set strong limits on lead in juice products


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We are calling on the FDA to set a new limit of 1 part per billion for lead in fruit juices. The agency’s current proposal of 10 ppb for apple juice, and 20 ppb for other fruit juices, falls well short of the limits needed to protect our children from exposure to this toxin, which has been linked to lowered IQ, behavioral problems, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Many juice manufacturers have already achieved lead levels well below the FDA’s proposed limits – it’s time the agency set strict limits to ensure our kids’ health is protected.

Heavy metals like lead shouldn’t be in the fruit juices our children drink. But the FDA apparently thinks otherwise – its proposed limit on lead in fruit juices is up to 20 times higher than the limit Consumer Reports supports to protect public health.

Join us in calling on the FDA to stand up for our childrens’ health, and set strong limits on lead in fruit juice. Baby steps are not enough to protect our kids.