EPA: Cut semi-truck and bus pollution!

Big Rigs should do their part for cleaner air


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I urge the EPA to set the strongest standards possible to reduce greenhouse gas and nitrogen oxides emissions from medium- and heavy-duty trucks manufactured in 2027 and beyond. These vehicles cause the majority of lung-damaging air pollutants, and disproportionately impact vulnerable communities located near trucking corridors. It has been more than 10 years since these standards were updated, and we need the strongest rules possible to protect our health, air, and climate.

It’s time we have strong rules that reduce health- and climate-damaging pollutants from semi-trucks and buses. These vehicles contribute to almost a quarter of all transportation-related emissions in our nation, and their harmful health impacts fall disproportionately on communities of color that are often located near heavy-duty traffic and trucking corridors.

Sign our petition to the EPA that we want the cleanest trucks and buses possible.