Cost of Love: Tinder charged higher price to older daters

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We urge Congress to immediately require companies make public any computer algorithms they use to make pricing and access decisions about consumers. Consumers deserve to know if their personal data is being used to make decisions about their ability to pay – or what they will pay. The Algorithmic Accountability Act, H.R. 6580, is a good first step to ensuring a fair and transparent marketplace, and making sure no one is priced out of a product or service, because of an inherently biased computer program.

A new study has found dating app Tinder put a higher price on love for some older customers — charging 42% more to certain customers likely because of their age. Tinder says it stopped this ‘personalized pricing’ in the U.S., and is ending the practice in all other countries. But the reality is, Americans are secretly being priced differently by a range of companies for products and services as more use hidden computer algorithms to make decisions about your ability to pay – or how much you’ll pay.

Sign our petition to shine a light on those companies that use these biased computer algorithms to make decisions about you. Consumers deserve fair and transparent pricing!