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TO: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg

After nearly two years of nonstop air travel chaos, it’s time for you to bring order, fairness, and accountability to the airline industry, and ensure passengers have clear and enforceable rights. We are calling on you to push for an Airline Passenger Bill of Rights that would, among other things, provide compensation and accommodations for flight cancellations, delays of varying hours, and mishandled baggage. These rights should also allow passengers to cancel flights without financial penalties during an ‘Act of God’ condition, and prohibit charging fees for families with young children to sit together.

Join us in calling on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to back an Airline Passenger Bill of Rights that includes clear, enforceable rules for how airlines should accommodate and compensate passengers during flight delays and cancellations, as well as family seating and other fees. Let’s bring order and fairness to air travel.