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Petition to FCC and Congress

We want immediate action to end the onslaught of unwanted robotexts and robocalls, and urge you to close the loophole created by the April Supreme Court ruling on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). This loophole has exposed us to an even greater flood of dangerous scams and unwanted marketing schemes. It’s time you use all your powers to immediately close these loopholes and update the TCPA so that we have the phone privacy we need and deserve.

If you’re suffering from an onslaught of texts in recent months from marketers and companies that you never signed up for, you’re not alone: Robocallers are filling our screens with more annoying and scammy pitches. A recent Supreme Court ruling has opened a huge new loophole in the 1991 law that protects our phone privacy.

The FCC just announced it will consider drafting a new rule to block illegal robotexts, and key members of Congress are looking at updating the law so it closes the robotexting loophole. Let them know you want action now to end robotexts by signing our petition!