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Stop sale of infant rice cereal


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Petition to Gerber and Earth’s Best Organic:

We urge you to follow the lead of Beech-Nut and suspend the manufacture and sale of all infant rice cereal products until more protective standards and testing are in place for inorganic arsenic. Recent government testing has shown that rice cereals have arsenic levels exceeding the federal standard of 100 pbb, and even low levels of inorganic arsenic can have damaging effects on the central nervous system and cognitive development in children. Please do your part to ensure these products are safe before marketing them to families.

High levels of inorganic arsenic — which can damage a baby’s developing IQ — continue to show up in infant rice cereal. Beech-Nut stopped selling baby rice cereal entirely because of the arsenic problem, but other companies continue to market infant rice cereal.

It’s time other companies follow Beech-Nut’s lead and stop selling infant rice cereal until they can adequately protect our children! Sign Consumer Reports’ petition to makers of infant rice cereal to suspend the sale of infant rice cereal until stronger testing and standards are in place. With so many other options caregivers can give babies, there is no reason why this can’t happen now.